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Reagan Owino also known as Reggie Tall was born in 1999 14th of August in Asembo Bondo.

He was raised in a family of 3 him being the only Boy, his father abandoned the family while he was 12 years old and that made his mother to work hard at that time Reggie Tall had started rapping as a joke. Rapping and dancing in any event organized around the estate.
This made his mother to buy a radio so that his son couldn't be moving around the streets because it wasn't safe. Reggie Tall then got influenced by 2 Pac and Eminem's music that made him to grow up with the love of music rap battling and free styling in the streets things then changed when he was invited to battle pro emcees which he did and walked a way with the crown,this encouraged him to work hard.

In 2018 he dropped his first project titled SHOTS featuring Po Eric though he was still sharpening his skills;writing,recording and performing which made people to except him in the music industry,he then dropped an EP titled SAFI CHAFU in 2019 after he got a lot of demand from his funs


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