Digital Savvy Don Santo Prefers Printed Newspapers and Books, New Book to be released

This is 2020 and the world is moving to a paperless regime. From newspapers, books, money, services, everything is going digital now. But one Don Santo, a Bachelor of Business Information Technology and a digital content expert still prefers buying the newspaper from his local vendor, Kariuki.

His company Global Media Ltd is one of the one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Kenya. With expertise in all areas across digital marketing, they help their clients optimize their online spend and maximize their revenues.

Mr. Kariuki has been supplying the Badman Killa with three newspapers everyday since 2010.

"I am techy yes but c'mon, the printed newspaper/book swag will never die. I have subscribed to all major digital newspapers in Kenya but I never find time, or lemme say I forget they exist." Say the Badman Killa who is also an executive producer at Klassik Nation record label.

"I would rather miss any newspaper but not the Business Daily." He adds.

Santo says that The Business Daily owned by Nation Media Group was the first paper to put his face on the front page.

"That was an honour. And since then, I have been in the words, lips and minds of the people because they are my bosses." Says President Santo.

The Don shares that he is addicted to reading books too as long they are not novels. He is currently working on a book to launched next year.

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