Why 'Definition of The Badman Killa 1' is project Overwrite

Updated: Aug 25

Definition of The Badman Killa 1 (Project overwrite).

Not a while ago, 13th April 2010, DON SANTO the Badman Killa released a Kalpop Reggae album (EP and deluxe edition) titled AFRICAN LION. In this album, Santo has cemented his position as the African Lion and Don of dons.

The 10-track album is composed of unique sounds that will leave you with a burning desire for more. Fast forward to today, His Eminent Majesty has released a brand new sing REMEMBER which is one of the singles of DEFINITION OF THE BADMAN KILLA 1 album set to be launched later in the year.

REMEMBER is an acoustic Kalpop love song dedicated to everyone with a promise; "If you can remember me, I will be with you always."

"If you can remember me, I will be with you always.” - DON SANTO.

Project Overwrite

DEFINITION OF THE BADMAN KILLA 1 is code-named "Project Overwrite." Even though anyone around The Don has refused to comment on the matter citing "...not authorized to speak on that topic..."Santo describes this as "the first step to reclaiming my supremacy..."

If we look at the REMEMBER lyrics, The Badman Killa says,

"They can talk they can spit they can bitch they can trip they can shit on themselves, for all I care, I don't have a problem."

This smells like an art of war and the 48 laws of power at play. To whom this album is directed to, if any, remains to be a mystery. Could it be related to the latest industry scrambles for his identity and brands across the globe? Should we expect diss tracks? Definition of the Badman Killa 1 is a Fantasmagorikol or Phantasmagorical album and DON SANTO is an artiste to be embraced and followed closely.

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