Weekly Top 13 East Africa Music Chart | Week 3

Every week we conduct a survey and we ask you;

"Which is your top song this week?"



Here are the results with Wema Wako by Blessed Paul featuring Don Santo at number 1, then Who is the Badman Killa and Remember by Don Santo featuring himself as the Badman Killa taking the second and the third position respectively.

Weekly Top 13 Music Chart

  1. WEMA WAKO By Blessed Paul Featuring DON SANTO

  2. WHO IS THE BADMAN KILLA? By DON SANTO Featuring Badman Killa

  3. REMEMBER By DON SANTO Featuring Badman Killa

  4. SUZANNA By Sauti Sol

  5. COCO By Willy Paul Featuring Avril

  6. PAKUA By Jovial Featuring Mejja

  7. KWETU By Kidum Kibido


  9. ON FIRE By Andy Bumuntu

  10. KALALE By Willis Bazu Raburu Featuring Rekless, Breeder LW, Mejja, & Ssaru

  11. SIO MBAYA By Jux

  12. NA WEWE (AVEC TOI) Tanasha Donna

  13. PRETTY MAMA Akothee (Featuring Harun Deey)


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