Want To Become a Professional Singer? 6 Tips How To Sing Like a Pro

If you want to learn how to sing like a pro…

Read on.

We at Klassik Nation have compiled a list of 6 ‘how to sing like a pro’ tips, which—if you learn & apply them—will greatly accelerate your progress towards pro singing.


The long awaited “How to Sing Like a Pro” tips:

“How to sing like a pro” tip #1: Practice consistently!

True – there’s more to great singing than just practicing. You could be practicing 3 hours a day… but if you’re practicing the wrong things, you’ll just be shooting yourself in the foot.


If you never practice… you’ll never grow! So whether it’s 2 hours a day… or 15 minutes a day… what’s most important is that you practice consistently. Do it every day. And do it at the same time every day.

“How to sing like a pro” tip #2: Learn proper breathing technique!

In singing, proper breathing—or proper “support”—is everything. Don likes to say… your breathing “is the engine that drives your car.” What does he mean? It’s really really important for good singing! If you have bad breathing technique, you’ll have a bad engine. If you have bad engine, you won’t go far…

You’d be surprised how many problems can be traced back to something as basic as how you breathe while singing. For example: if you’re having trouble increasing your range, it’s likely that there’s something wrong with your breathing technique.

“How to sing like a pro” tip #3: Sing with good posture!

Stand up straight when you’re practicing – and especially when you’re performing. You lose 30-40% of your support while you’re sitting—which means you’ll have to work & strain much harder to hit high notes. Keep your head up, shoulders relaxed.

“How to sing like a pro” tip #4: Develop a good warm up routine!

Singers are athletes. And just as pro athletes warm up before a game—running around the field, stretching, doing push ups—so too do pro singers warm up before they sing. What’s a good warmup routine?

“How to sing like a pro” tip #5: Don’t limit yourself to singing a single style or genre!

I know, I know. You’re probably learning to sing because there’s a particular style or genre you want to sing in. Maybe it’s pop. Maybe it’s rock. And that’s not a problem—we all have our different tastes and goals in music.

But don’t let that stop you from singing in other genres that you’re less familiar with. One hallmark of a truly great singer is their versatility. If you’ve watched our students at Klassik Nation — you’ll see that Blame It On Don has them singing in all sorts of genres. Why? It’s a good exercise, and it makes them overall better singers.

Think of it this way: learning to sing rock will teach you things about learning to sing Pop that you never would have learned… had you only ever tried singing Kalpop. Same with singing R&B. And Jazz. And folk. And Pop.

“How to sing like a pro” tip #6: Keep at it!

Seriously. Learning how to sing like a pro is hard work! It takes guts. And it takes persistence.

H.E.M Blame It On Don will be the first to tell you…

It’s a LONG, difficult road… the one that leads to truly great singing. But it’s a road worth taking. Learning how to sing like a pro unlocks a new sense of freedom… to express yourself, and to share your ideas and emotions with others. And that’s something worth pursuing. So keep at it!

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