Top Producers differ over Tedd Josiah being on Top producers' list

Legendary Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has contributed in shaping the Kenyan sound that is accepted continentally, no doubt. However, he has been busy introducing new stuff in the fashion world.

Tedd is credited for producing albums for Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Kalamashaka among other legends.

Speaking to Word Is, Tedd said he spent over 30 years doing and producing music but never received royalties from MCSK.

"There are things you do and wish you started them earlier, like doing my bag business is much better than concentrating on doing music," he said.

He says if he spent the time and energy on his company, he would have made more money. After losing his wife two years ago, he quit his producer job to make his late wife’s fashion business a reality.

Tedd says his soul spoke loudly, he couldn’t let the thoughts of the new venture go, and he knew he had to give up his job. Tedd says three days before Regina died, she announced she was going back to her fashion business and that she was a great designer who made the items she designed like bags.

It is now a  thriving business called Joka Jok. "I love music but looking at finance, it has not been beneficial at all. I feel sorrow when I think about it," he said.

A few days ago we carried a story that beared the list of Top music producers in Kenya 2020. In an online conversation between Grips Music N' Pictures CEO, Steve Kipande aka Daddy Q and the Klassik Nation president, His Eminent Majesty Don Santo the Badman Killa (who goes by the name Blame It On Don as a producer) to differ. Steve insisted Tedd Josiah had retired and that should be updated while Don Santo was quick to say that,

"...good music never dies and that being actively involved in something does not necessarily make you the best. Legends live forever." - Don Santo

The two producers concurred that it was indeed a good thing to recognise the great. Who are we to dispute Klassikans?

Here is the whole conversation....

If you are wondering which song was being recommended on that post, then well, here it is. Who is the Badman Killa? The song is in all digital music platforms worldwide. All lovers of African music can get it on Boomplay and

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