The Klassik Nation has declared the thirteenth of every April as World Klassik Day.

The Klassik Nation has declared the thirteenth of every April as World Klassik Day.

We’re sure anyone would agree that Klassik deserve their own day of celebration, especially those of you who have listened to unstoppable Kalpop music, rocked in the Kalpop Hoodie, in a little pub, or restaurant overflowing with people and love. On this day we encourage each Klassikan to do something good for the community around like giving back.

The word ‘Klassik’ – meaning ‘Lord’ – is thought to derive from a 1304 and the doctrine of Klassinity whose Trinity states, there are three things to a fulfilling human existence: God, Family and Good Life.

MISSION: To transform the world through creative educational innovations, with an aim to empower humanity to achieve the ultimate human desire for a fulfilling human existence.

MISSION: To use our ability to deliver entertainment and innovative services to improve the quality of life and the livelihood of every person we reach.

We Believe...

  1. We believe in the JahWad and the Klassik Trinity that says, there are 3 essential things to a fulfilling human existence: GOD, FAMILY & GOOD LIFE.

  2. We believe in the Klassik Duty: Success is through teamwork. Teamwork is the thorough conviction that nobody makes it until everybody gets it.

  3. We believe in Kalpop music. We believe in the power of music and its ability to heal and unite the world in a magical way. Kalpop music brings together all the world’s cultures into harmony with one another through fusion.

Our Objectives

a)    To identify and nurture talent(s) amongst the people b)    To empower the youths by promoting self-sustenance through arts and innovation.  c)    To promote teamwork and co-existence in the universe through arts and culture.

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