I am no expert in economics but for as long we still borrow money to loot and not

considering sustainable development, and for as long as we show up on the negotiation table from a position of inferiority, Kenya will never develop. We will keep importing more and producing less for exports.

As a result, the government will keep over taxing it's citizenry to cover up for the deficit caused by theft of public resources, bad governance and poor business practices.

Government services will deteriorate and we will not be able to manage even the slightest of calamities e.g locust invasion, famine, drug shortages in hospitals, terrorism, etc.

Businesses will shut down and more folks will be laid off. Auctioneers will have a field day. Crime will increase. The poor will steal from the rich as the rich steal from the government.

There shall be tax boycotts and low public confidence in government institutions. This inturn will crash our economy into an irreparable environment.

Foreign countries will take advantage of the situation and poach our best brains leaving us in a worse condition than we were at independence.

So before you vote in a leader, is your decision based on merit or self preservation? Are you loyal to your country or your tribe first?

Incompetent and corrupt leaders are elected by people who care less about their needs. United we stand, divided we fall!

H.E,M DON SANTO President, Klassik Nation. Chairman, Global Media Ltd.

#SantoOnGovernance #AfricanLion


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