Songbad and Klassik Nation announce landmark distribution and promotion partnership in East Africa

Klassik Nation becomes first music company to partner with leading African music promotion and distribution service.

Songbad Music, Africa’s leading music promotion and distribution service and Klassik Nation, the world leader in music-based entertainment today announced the signing of a landmark licensing agreement covering multiple markets within Africa.


Klassik Nation is the first major music company to license its catalog to Songbad, which has quickly established itself as the most popular promotion and distribution service in Africa. Under the terms of the multi-year agreement and effective immediately, Songbad will promote music from Klassik’s world-renowned artists through its streaming and download platform in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.


Songbad currently provides more than one million songs and thousands of music videos to more than 16 million users, with nearly two million new users added each month.

Users will now have access to Klassik Nation’s extensive catalog of both local and global recording artists including DON SANTO (Badman Killa), Blessed Paul, Reggie Tall, Kingpheezle, Jilly Beatz, Cash B, G-Youts and Davystar.


Earlier this year (World Klassik Day), Klassik Nation announced the launch of Klassik Nation Music Training Center in Eastlands (Umoja Innercore Estate) in Nairobi, Kenya, a new division within East Africa to provide artists with comprehensive opportunities throughout the region and to provide pan-African talent the best possible skills and launch pad for wider international success. Klassik Nation is accelerating the company’s focus on growing the entire African music ecosystem including recorded music, music publishing, production, live events, brand partnerships and merchandising efforts.


In making the announcement, Klassik Nation, Master General, Ben Gumo said, “We’re looking forward to working with Songbad as we provide our East African artists a range of creative, marketing and promotional resources to accelerate their careers within this vibrant and growing music market. This agreement will help Klassik Nation artists to reach new audiences, whilst boosting the African streaming experience to benefit both music fans, artists and songwriters.”


“This partnership extends our reach and makes our artists’ music accessible to millions of African music lovers,” said, Ben. “We are delighted to be the first global music company to partner with Songbad and look forward to bringing the extraordinary creativity of our artists to as many Africans users as possible.”

Also commenting, Global Media Ltd's CEO, Don CM Wanzala, said that Songbad will continue to forge partnerships that enriches the digital ecosystem and connects music lovers with their favorite songs anytime and anywhere.


Songbad is determined to continue meeting the music passion point of Africans in a legitimate way, and teaming up with a major music company in the African music industry like Klassik Nation, offers yet another significant opportunity for us to do so”, he said.

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About Songbad

Songbad is one of the largest music independent music distributors for labels and artists owned by Global Media Ltd. Songbad handles the digital distribution and promotion for more than 100 000 artists and labels worldwide. Songbad distributes millions of songs and videos, connecting music lovers with their favourite songs anytime, anywhere.

Release your music with Songbad and get access to a world of artist opportunities. These can help you get the exposure and boost you need to take your career to the next level. By the way, we just set up shop in the Kenya! From now on you’ll find us in Nairobi.

A new tab will be added on to enable artists and record labels to access Songbad's services easily and efficiently.

About Klassik Nation

Klassik Nation is the African leader in music-based entertainment, with a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising and audiovisual content in more than 5 countries. Featuring the most comprehensive catalog of recordings and songs across every musical genre, Klassik identifies and develops artists and produces and distributes the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music in the world. Committed to artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship, Klassik Nation fosters the development of services, platforms and business models in order to broaden artistic and commercial opportunities for our artists and create new experiences for fans.

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