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Marketing as a discipline always follows social-economic growth and is a reflection of existing social-economic relationships, moreover, the extent of its application is made evident by its possible usage in the sphere of music in its largest sense in the form of music marketing. That said, however, a distinction should be made between marketing in music, specifically, in the music industry, and in music marketing, which is manifested by the influence of music on the purchasing practices of consumers or the role of background music in promotional messages. In both instances, the observed interdependence of marketing and music provides the term commonly understood as music marketing. This work, in line with the aforementioned, establishes the nature in which music marketing functions and reinforces its specific theoretic and practical qualities, with the greatest emphasis placed on marketing in the music industry.

To this end, the concept is defined and characteristics inherent to the music industry are established. Additionally, detailed elaboration of the marketing process and marketing program in the music industry will be developed, where special emphasis is placed upon the technological evolution of the marketing and music connection and an estimation of their interdependent framework in the near future will be made.

Keywords: Marketing, Music, Music industry, Music market, Music marketing


The Art and (R)Evolution of Music Market
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