Revealed: Why Tanasha ended her marriage to Diamond Platnumz

It is all clear that the fling between Tanasha and Diamond is over. Unless its a publicity stunt to sell their new single Gere.

Folks had declared “mtaachana tu” for nearly two years, but it was time to end things. The mother of one who recently collaborated with her baby daddy decided to post cryptic messages about narcissists.

The former radio presenter then urged women to stay away from selfish narcissists who never see their erroneous ways. To her, that is not love and can only be termed as a form of manipulation.

To make matters worse, Tanasha deleted all Instagram photos of her bae and his family members before ranting and venting on her instastories. Not even their romantic pregnancy photoshoots were left as the gorgeous Kenyan babe cleaned up her social media account.

The Gere singer claimed she learnt her lesson through experience and prayer. “A narcissist is disrespectful, insensitive, controlling and disregards your feelings. Narcissists like to provoke negative emotions in others,” she wrote. The beauty who possibly became a single mum overnight claimed such people are evil and they have no soul left in them. “It is like dancing with the devil. Forgive them, walk away and let God deal with their karma,” Tanasha bitterly declared.

The mother of one had previously castigated fans who dared brand Diamond a bad father or unfocused lover.

At one point, when her critics claimed she and her boo were over and done with, Tanasha declared she and Diamond were a packaged deal that would last forever. When the former presenter launched her album, rumours were rife her man had his organs buried deep in another woman's cookie jar.

When we reached to H.E.M DON SANTO for a comment he said "I cannot comment on Diamond Platnumz' affairs. We have far much bigger issues to deal with than focus on why someone doesn't respect the institution of marriage!

Santo is currently stealing hearts with his new Kalpop Reggae EP, African Lion.

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