REVEALED: Everyone Don Santo disses on 'Who Is The Badman Killa?'

From his ex-girlfriend to Runtown and Kaligraph Jones (remember him?!). Nobody’s safe.

He’s done it again! After surprise releasing ‘Am Black’ in 2019, and African Lion (EP and Deluxe edition) Kalpop Reggae album in last April 2020, Don Santo has dropped another shock single 'Who Is The Badman Killa?' that will be part of an upcoming new album in the form of ‘Definition Of The Badman Killa 1’ or simply referred to as 'Project overwrite.'

In the single the premiered today in all digital music platforms at 7AM, Santo takes a fair few pops at his haters and long running rivals.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed some of the disses though, because here’s the full, fiery lowdown on everybody The Badman Killa has a go at on his track.

The critics and haters

Who: Content-less music writers, politicians and anyone who didn’t like Santo’s last album ‘African Lion

Why? ‘African Lion’ saw him take pops at everyone including the presidency. Given the swathes of people he dissed, there was a fair bit of backlash, with people calling him “noisy”. Santo, however, stands by his comments.

What Santo says: Turn down for what?/I ain't loud enough/C'est la vie sipendi fakers so ni RIP.


Who: Nigerian singer who is internationally known for defrauding people. He also released a song last year with Don Santo's identity as the title. This is historic beef with Slim.

Why? Runtown had cited Don Santo as one of his biggest influences, but when he called himself 'International Badman Killa' it kicked off a long-running beef.

What Santo says: I never shy on my memories and I/Germinate when they burry me/Yes am god kasikutaka I couldn’t fit on you/You don’t write like you wrote it, and you are right that you’re noisy, that’s something!. When the song ends, it looks like the Badman Killa could be over Runtown's 'juvenile' moves, claiming he’s “moving on”.

Kaligraph Jones

Who? Kenya rapper of ‘Omollo’ fame.

Why? In a collabo Kaligraph did with Wakadinali dubbed Moja Safi' the rapper tried to tear into the Don's reputation saying "mi ndio don na mi ni Klassik (...I am don amd I am Klassik)." The badman Killa has never responded to this, However, sources close to him quoted him as saying, "huwa si-respond kwa watu wana ni diss na lines bongo fleva... (I do not respond to folks who diss me with Bongo flavour lines)."

What Santo said: Technically wale wakali Afrika majuu wanifind sick/A lot of ninjas are killing the beat when they bring it to me is bullshit/Wale wakali tunajua ni wa mystic/Dropping bars and breaking records keeping it robustic/And, ukiona wao jua wanatoka Klassik/Sogeza kiti sip a smile kama ume-get this.

Watch the video here

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