Remember by Don Santo on global Top 50 Country music chart

Barely six (6) hours after the premiere of DON SANTO's new song Remember, the world is already responding. The Kalpop Country acoustic love song is number 11 on the Top 50 Country music chart.

Netizens around the world have expressed their reviewed the sing as follows;

Blessed Paul says,

"Everything on point, from the guitar, melody, style, vocals, i mean literally everything is awesome"

Khamis Jamal quotes,

"This song is on another level bro big up u have nailed it...👊"

A love song which DON SANTO features himself as the Badman Killa is a song DON SANTO wrote while he was being chauffeured to the studio to record "Who's the Badman Killa?" and recorded the audio and the video within the same period.

"If you can remember me, I will be with you always.” Santo quotes.

Remember is the first single off Definition of The Badman Killa 1 album code-named "project overwrite."

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