Remember by Don Santo & Badman Killa shakes worldwide digital stores

Updated: Sep 11

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I am sure we already know the new Kalpop Country anthem in town Remember. The mellow acoustic ballad done in Kalpop style and performed in Swahili and English is Don Santo's love letter to his fans and supporters featuring himeself.

Santo begins the song that has been on global Top 50 Country music charts since its digital release on August 25th, last month with a gentle voice yet bearing powerful message;

"Ninaota kabinti alo na rinda nyeupe;

Anavaa mabawa ambayo huangaza na taa ya dhahabu;

They can talk, they can spit, they can bitch, they can trip, they can shit on themselves, for all I care;

I don't have a problem.

Giving yourself to me can never be wrong;

My soul is true."

I mean what else could be more clear that the Badman Killa loves his people and is dedicated to them.

This is the first single off soon to be released Definition of The Badman Killa 1 (Project overwrite) album. The single was written, arranged and composed by Blame It On Don and produced by Klassik Nation. Now you can stream, download and share the song from any digital music platform (both local and international) around the world.

Fans can also access a high quality audio straight from the Klassik Nation studios from this website by following these simple steps;

  1. Go to the menu bar

  2. Select and click "Artists" page

  3. Search and click on "DON SANTO"

  4. Select a song from the list of albums or single on the profile.

  5. You should now be able to stream, download and share this and many other songs by the artist you selected..

Here are some of the digital music store you will find this masterpiece.

Stream or Download "Remember" by Don Santo featuring himself as the Badman Killa.

Stream on Boomplay

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