Remember By Blame It On Don | Music Composers

Title: Remember

Composer: Blame It On Don

Instrument: Guitar (Acoustic)

Edited By: Blame It On Don

Instrumentation: Chamber/Solo with Guitar

Don Santo's Remember, DS. 75 was inspired by his guitar playing. The score’s somewhat complex history began when Santo took notice of an amateur guitarist who lived in his building, a chemistry student named Bill Wesonga. Showing his typical kindness and lack of pretention, the world-famous composer made a neighbourly offer to play chamber music with the dilettante.

On August 20, 2020, while in the field producing a COVID-19 related project for the Government in collaboration with AMREF Kenya, he informed his record label, Klassik Nation: “I am now writing a new Kalpop Love song I would like recorded today, and this work gives me just as much pleasure as if I were composing a great symphony; what do you say to that? They are, of course, intended for amateurs, but didn’t Beethoven and Schumann also sometimes write with very simple material? – and how!”

DON SANTO wrote the whole song while he was being chauffeured to the studio to record "Who's the Badman Killa?" and recorded the audio and the video within the same period.


STANZA ONE Ninaota kabinti alo na rinda nyeupe Anavaa mabawa ambayo huangaza na taa ya dhahabu They can talk, they can spit, they can bitch;

They can trip, they can shit on themselves, for all I care; I don't have a problem. Giving yourself to me can never be wrong; My soul is true...

CHORUS Sthandwa sam... Will you remember me my babe? Kwa tabasamu... Will you remember me my people?

STANZA TWO Bilauri si kopo, je utanipenda nikiwa sina hali? Utabadili pendo, ikiwa nimezikwa chini ya mavumbi? Posa ya bolingo, yote tamu haikosi pain Michezo ya kilimpompo, what a gwan Kalpop is life! I’m so pleased that we are one East or west ama Klassikan OOOOOOOOOOOOH

CHORUS Sthandwa sam... Will you remember me my babe? Kwa tabasamu... Will you remember me my people?

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