Please Help Find Zippy!

Police have launched a search for a 28-year-old woman, who went missing from the Thika Road Mall (TRM) on Thursday, January 30.

Zipporah Ngige, a telecommunications officer in Nairobi, arrived at the TRM in a taxi, and entered the mall briefly, before leaving on foot, instead of going back to the cab, which she had hailed to her best friend’s place located on Ngong Road.

CCTV footage obtained by police show that Zipporah entered TRM using Gate C, and exited using Gate B at 9:30am.

Her younger sister, Virginia Ngige, told Klassik Digital on phone that Zipporah, a resident of Mirema, was scheduled to fly to Mauritius at 1pm.

“She had saved for the vacation for months, and she was to fly out from the JKIA at 1pm Thursday,” Virginia said.

“The CCTV footage that police obtained showed she alighted from her Bolt taxi — which waited for her at the Gate C side — entered TRM briefly and walked out towards Gate B.

That was the much that was recorded on that end,” Virginia told Klassik Digital, adding: “We are waiting to see more images from the Gate B happenings that day.”

Zipporah, who was on leave from work, had left her mobile phone, passport and documents in the taxi that she had hailed. Also in the car, were her best friend’s picture and passport.

“Upon waiting for long without seeing Zippy return, the taxi driver followed the direction pin to where Zippy was destined to end the trip – Ngong Road. Upon reaching the destination, the driver asked security guards at the apartment where my sister’s best friend lived if they knew any of the two ladies; he was — at the time — showing them pictures of the two as attached on their passports. The security officers identified my sister’s friend, Brenda Wanjiru, and went and called her. It was at that point that Brenda, who was expecting my sibling, was told that she [Zipporah] had gone missing. The two were to fly out together.

“Brenda informed us, and we began looking for Zippy. We have since filed a missing person’s report at the Kasarani Police Station,” said Virginia.

It would have been easier to trace the whereabouts of Zipporah if she had her mobile phone with her.

“We have visited many hospitals, social joints to look for Zippy, without success. Her phone log shows her best-friend and the taxi driver were the last people she called on Thursday before she went missing,” said Virginia.

On the day of her disappearance, Zipporah Virginia, a short-haired lady, was dressed in a black leather jacket and a pair of grey trousers.

If anyone has details of her whereabouts, reach her family, including Anne Wangui Ngige (sister) on 0720 342 752, Virginia Ngige (sister) on 0710 332 171) and Elic Kamau Ngige (father) on 0720 285 654.

Alternatively, report to any nearby police station.



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