Netizens Going Crazy As Gucci Launches Fake Grass Stained Jeans At KES 120,000

Torn jeans are yesterday, those who want to show off their fashion today wear grass stains – or as Gucci calls it: “Distressed look with a stained effect”. Cost: KES 120,000.

What parents usually don’t like to see, Gucci has now elevated to good style: grass stains on jeans are apparently no longer a nuisance, but an expression of excellent taste. At least that’s how the Italian luxury fashion label wants to sell it to us – for a decent amount of money.

One thing about this pandemic is certain: even though we have learned to live being misers, and staying at home for most of our lives, some brands – correction, luxury brands, have been focused on selling what they do best. While most brands have taken a hit because of this unfortunate situation, luxury brands are growing more and more by the day and also creating unique products and services that will make you gasp at the cost!

It seems they are living in their own bubble and are not bothered about anything else happening over the world. How do we know that? Check out this new pair of fake grass-stained jeans sold by Gucci, and would you look at that price!

These are termed as the new ‘eco washed denims’ which have made a place in their autumn collection so far. These stains have been replicated from those kids or teenagers have after playing or sitting on the grass for too long. Dirty jeans, we think not! They are actually a fashion statement but at a hefty cost! In Indian rupees, these jeans will cost you around 1 lakh rupees! Would you buy them? Check out these reactions,

While some people are appalled by the choice of fashion, we think these are cool and comfy and perfect for the semi-wintery months we are preparing for! The reactions are nevertheless hilarious, and buying a pair from Gucci will definitely amp your style statement and social status.

What do you think of this innovation? Would you buy?

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