List of Top Best business Investment opportunities in Kenya, 2020

Business Investment opportunities in Kenya: When it comes to investing, we all look for business opportunities with the most profitable returns or at best with high demand. If the Kenyan economic forecast for the year 2020 is anything to go by, 2020 will be a year of prosperity in terms of investment. There are a number of opportunities available for investment in the different sectors of the Kenyan economy. Here is a list of top profitable opportunities to invest in this year.

Agribusiness investment

A venture into the agribusiness sector in both small and large scale activities is a profitable area to invest in this 2020. With the increasing rates of unemployment especially amongst the youth, agribusiness offers a solution in terms of job and wealth creation given that Kenya is also an agri-based economy. Some of the profitable areas to invest in include

  • A hatchery for egg production

  • Fertilizer distribution

  • Rabbit production

  • Worm farming

  • Construction of livestock houses

  • Offering consultancy services to farmers

  • Offering agricultural financial services.

  • Poultry and pig farming

  • Greenhouse farming and many more.

Real estate investment in Kenya

Kenya has witnessed an increase in its population over the years. This increase in population has led to a demand for housing in growing towns and the increase of residential property values in the year 2019. This trend is expected to continue in 2020 therefore making real estate amongst the top profitable ventures for the year.

ICT (Tech) investment

ICT is one of the top investment opportunity for investors in the year 2020.  This year is expected to usher an era of increased ICT economic related activities in the country. This has been evident in the growth of e business, mobile money transactions and ICT startups in the previous years. Some of the opportunities for investment in ICT are:

  • Film animation production

  • Cyber security and anti-fraud systems

  • Mobile and web business transactions

  • Mobile and web applications

Stock market in Kenya

Investing in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) through licensed stockbrokers and investment banks. You can acquire shares through any broker of your choice. 2020 is an ideal time to invest with the NSE since it is expected to display a better performance after performing poorly in the previous year due to a number of factors like an unstable economy.

Investing in Tourism in Kenya

There are a lot of opportunities to invest in in the tourism sector. Kenya is amongst the top tourist destinations in Africa and the government is also committed to providing a tourism friendly environment to enhance tourism. Some of the available opportunities to invest in tourism include;

  • Tourist hotels

  • Game lodges

  • Tourism and hospitality training

  • Amusement parks, restaurants, casinos, and clubs

Renewable energy investment

Kenya is one of the most active countries in terms of embracing renewable energy in Africa. An overwhelming 70 percent of power in Kenya is sourced from renewable energy. There are many profitable investment ventures in the Kenyan energy sector from renewable sources such as:

  • Bio fuels

  • Solar, wind and geothermal power generation

  • Innovations in the renewable energy sector

  • Drilling of geothermal wells

  • Cleaning services

Sacco investment in Kenya

Savings and Credit Co-operative Society have enabled the Kenyan micro financial sector to grow over the years. The returns from an investment in a Sacco come in the form of dividends from interests on loans. PS. Get this ebook available at with a list of 202 small business ideas in Kenya with capital required to start. Do not miss all our latest updates on the best business investment opportunities in Kenya and buying bitcoins. Lastly, don’t be in the dark, use the form below to Subscribe for our latest Education News, and interesting campus stuff. You can also comment below for any Question and We Will reply to you.

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