List of Top Advertising agencies in Kenya

In a monopolistic market, businesses are competing to have market awareness and share in a highly competitive business environment. Therefore, the significance of advertising agencies also known as creative agencies cannot be trivialized. They carry the role of creating market awareness of their clients’ products and operations as well as build networks and developing promotional, marketing, and advertising pieces.

They majorly deal with TV and radio commercials, online ads, and visual ads such as posters, billboards, etc. there are many advertising and marketing companies in Kenya but their differences lie in the creativity and presentation levels. Here is a list of outdoor and digital advertising companies in Kenya that has given their clients an upper hand in market share, competition, and recognition.

Top advertising Agencies In Kenya

Here are the most popular advertising agencies in Kenya:

Global Media Ltd

Global Media Ltd is a trusted provider of technology-enabled learning and marketing solutions that improve business productivity. Since 2012, they have advised senior learning, marketing, and sales executives on how to design, deliver, and measure the effectiveness of their education and training programs.

They recently launched Vido+ and Songbad Music which are digital marketing solutions for SMEs and the entertainment industry respectively. If you are looking for quality and flawlessness in your ads or commercials, then you need to seek no further than Global Media Ltd: a prime marketing and advertising agency in Nairobi.

Its head office is in Mirage Towers, Chiromo Road, Westlands, Nairobi.

Scanad Africa

It is owned by Scangroup and is based in Nairobi, Kenya although serves clients across Africa. It is one of the leading advertising and marketing agencies in Kenya. Scanad Kenya uses a unique approach in service delivery through digital media strategy support. Ideally it is a media powerhouse which has many functions being done seamlessly together. It is a master of conventional advertising, Media Investment management, public relations, marketing consultancy and experiential marketing.

Stockpot creative

This is yet another fast rising creative agency among the high ranked advertising agencies in Nairobi. It is a design studio making some of the mind blowing and enticing ads in the market today. Primarily, it develops ads, build company brands and in design. It does market study as an assessment to establish their client’s position in the market then work towards growing them. Stockpot Creative is great in the marketing, branding and advertising services and strategies it uses to create awareness.

Global Desarts media

Global Desarts media does a host of activities ranging from content creation, digital marketing & advertising, SEO, corporate physical branding to web & mobile development. It was established in 2013 and is situated in the heart of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. It sense of purpose and consistency in quality has made it made to the A advertising agencies in Kenya list of 2017. Global Desarts media is excellent in value addition, design creation, and making an organization is visible to the world effortlessly. It works under the mantra "Quality is key" and they make you visible and memorable.

Seka marketing consultancy

This is one of the creamy marketing agencies in Nairobi that works with diverse clients ranging from reputable companies to small business enterprises. Their focal point is in developing digital advertising or marketing strategies that really matter or bring forth something substantial in terms of sales and conversions. It has help grow clients both online and offline. Other services include Marketing campaign development, website design, social media management, branding and conducting market audits. It is based in Langata, Nairobi.

Bean interactive

This is a digital agency that is unbeatable in digital insights and the development of timely and effective strategies. At Bean Interactive, digital solutions give outstanding market physical experiences. This is because they have mastered well the art of blending creativity, innovations and strategy to bring the needed results. Bean Interactive CEO Martin Kiarie, must have been in good use the computing and information system knowledge he acquired at the university in making Bean Interactive grow to be among the media buying agencies in Kenya.

Luxuria Lifestyle Africa

Just as the name goes it for promoting and marketing luxury goods. They help companies link up to influential brand ambassadors who help them grow. it unique in approach since it’s an advertising magazine but one focused on reaching out to the target audience. It also does brand activation, promotion, advertising, public relations, magazines and online magazines.

Squad digital

It is affiliate creative agency of Scan Group and WPP digital network agency. It has an undeniably smart reputation, record and performance having worked with high to low end customers in East Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai and Bahrain. In fact it is ranked as the leading advertising agency in sub-Saharan Africa. It has an innovative tool that advices brand managers on how to respond to complaint and critics.

Transcend media

It is a fully integrated communication, advertising and marketing agency from the Transcend Media Group (TMG). Its head office is in royal building off Mogotio Road, Nairobi. If you are looking for quality and flawlessness in your ads or commercials, then you need to check out this advertising agency in Nairobi. It had dared enormous challenges and build advertisement in Kenya 2017 that have been fruitful in driving sales. Tony Gatheca is the company’s CEO.

Ayrish Digital

Although Ayrish Digital had physical office premises in Starehe, it majorly an online marketing agency. Just like the above, it utilizes digital marketing services and is credited for the OLX app. Due to its attractive designs and ads their clients have been treated to awesome consumer experience. Other than this it also does events, brand and social media management.

Magazine reel

This is one of the best Kenyan campus news sites that is fast rising as an advertising agency. This is more so it you’re selling products that this age is in need of. Paid ads run through the content pages generating sale and also creating awareness.

Is a full-service management, music publishing &entertainment company.
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