Lady dumped by fiancee for cheating with a mzunzu, lady blames Photoshop

A series of screenshots (not verified) have been doing rounds about a certain Emma Muthoni lady who decided to practice polyandry in Africa, Kenya. Drama unfolded when the lady got a rude reply from Paul the boyfie who claimed she had done something that deserved a trophy. He accused her of infidelity. She was, apparently engaged to a Kenyan guy but at the same time double-dealing or double-benefiting from Paul and another jungu guy.

In the messages Emma blames Photoshop for the entanglement fiasco but after being pressed hard she finally admitted to him being 'just a friend.' Fellow netizens, who are we to judge? I bet popcorn and a mask would do during this Rona times. Ama namna gani?

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