Kalpop Hoodies Pre-order sales hit 205 in 2 Days

Reports from the Klassik Styles office indicate a steady rise in the number of Kalpop Hoodies pre-ordered. As at Sunday at 6pm, the total number of Kalpop Hoodies pre-ordered had hit two hundred and five (205). Launched on Thursday last week, the prestigious brand comes in only two colours: black and luminous green.


Klassik Nation Master General, Ben Gumo promised quality and consistency.

Speaking to our newsdesk, the Klassik Nation president DON SANTO said,

"Kalpop Hoodies are for those who like standing out and or being unique. It is an affirmation of royalty. These are Hoodies with a design like no other and with a deep story behind it."

Kalpop music is one of the fastest growing genres of music in the world. Many have referred Kalpop as the source of healing and restoration. It's because of this that Klassik Styles signed an agreement with Santo Music Global in a partnership that will see the first 1304 customers getting a free digital copy of the AFRICAN LION deluxe edition as part of the pre-order package. The Kalpop Reggae Album set to be officially released tomorrow on July 7th, 2020, same day as Saba Saba day.

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