Kalpop Hoodies in town | Pre-order now!!!


Entertainment is something we take seriously because not only do we have to share a part of our soul to the mass that love or hate us unconditionally but we celebrate that bond by supporting that cause.

Klassik Nation under its fashion division Klassik Style has revealed that the new sensation in town, the Kalpop Hoodies are on their final stage and that we can pre-order at a reduced price of KSH 2500 ($25). Every pre-order comes with a free digital copy of "AFRICAN LION" deluxe edition album by DON SANTO.

In a statement and internal memo to the Royal Council we have a copy of says;

“This is the era of our lives…” The koolest minds in the planet came together to develop the Kalpop Hoodies: out of the ordinary Hoodie that emphasizes your appreciation for Kalpop music and the Klassik culture. If you’re looking to look Royal and casual at the same time, you’ll be needing this!

  • The new black and luminous green hoodies is perfect for any possible environment you can (or maybe can’t) perceive.

  • No need for zips and you couldn’t be more snug if you were in the quantum realm

  • Look awesome whether you’re in Nairobi, Wakanda, or in the far reaches of space (and beyond…)

  • Enjoy the royalty!

  • Range of sizes available

  • Kalpop logo certifies you as a real Klassikan

His Eminent Majesty DON SANTO made pre-order #001 of the Kalpop Hoodie colour Black. Since then more pre-orders are reported to be coming in as the AFRICAN LION Deluxe edition is only for the first 1304 customers, after which the promotion shall end.


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