Hip Hop and Pop charts asking 'who is the Badman Killa?

Kenyan born artiste and executive producer Don Santo and the one and only true African Lion on Sep 6, 2020 premiered a Kalpop Gangsta Rap song dubbed 'Who is the Badman Killa?'

The song which is part of an upcoming EP/album, Definition of The Badman Killa 1 (project overwrite), took the digital world in storm globally and has since had over 100,000 downloads in Kenya alone.

Many know the Badman Killa as a producer and a singer having recently (April 13, 2020) released African Lion, a Kalpop Reggae album with sounds of Africa. In the album Santo sings his heart, mind, soul and strength out.

His Eminent Majesty Don Santo the Badman Killa / Klassik Pictures

Since its premiere seven days ago, Who is the Badman Killa has been on Weekly Top 50 Hip hop charts and the Weekly Top 50 Pop charts. making it the most loved single today.

"It is very easy being good at something, but it is never a walk in the park being the greatest of all time. It takes one to be one." - Don Santo

The single that preceded Who is the Badman Killa is titled Remember (part of Definition of The Badman Killa 1) is a Kalpop country ballad that will leave you with recurring goosebumps. The song is also still on the Weekly Top 50 Country music charts thirteen days on.

As a producer, Blame It On Don has established his place as the Badman Killa both locally and internationally. He insists,

"My music has to have an African touch to it and a message of God, family and good life (Klassik Trinity). That is what makes Kalpop music different." - Blame It On Don

This is the true definition of the Badman Killa.

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