H.E.M DON SANTO Burries Lord Lucas Mumia Oluoch

H.E.M DON SANTO and Lord Lucas Mumia Oluoch

Lord Lucas Mumia Oluch is a name very famous amongst the who is who in Kenya. Famous for his philanthropic ways, Lord Mumia was loved from the village in Anyiko Konjera to Nairobi city and East African region.

Lord Mumia was a maternal uncle to H.E.M DON SANTO. The late Lucas was married to Habayaweza Mawazo Anne Oluoch, Antoinnete Umulisa Oluoch and Chantalle Rwigema Oluoch. He was father to Fanuel Oluch Jr. (USA), Mellisa Atieno (Canada), Peter Mboya and Jayden.

He was a nephew to the Mulama royal family of Mumias.


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