Genesis of a legally binding consultative break up by Nelson Havi and Njeri Thorn

The president of Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi and his business associate and business partner Njeri Thorn could not bear their emotion and decided to treat netizens to a good and graphic show.

The genesis of this whole drama was the arrest of Emurua Dikirr legislature Johana Ng'eno with Njeri celebring the sufferance and wishing it on Havi.

The two accused each other of sabotage and the whole tread and tweets went on filling Twitter and bloggers with fodder.

LSK boss wanted to know what Njeri does.She reffered to her as a busy body with nothing to do. Njeri responded in a rejoinder accusing Nelson of betrayal.

Dear netizens, this is better left to you watch and enjoy it with popcorns.

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