Fight to Control Badman Killa identity from Don Santo Escalates

A number of artistes and hackers in Kenya, Nigeria and around the world are alleged to have attempted to take over the control of President Don Santo's identity as the Badman Killa have denied doing so forcefully. brought to light suspicious activities on the Badman Killa Spotify, iTunes and Facebook page on Friday, September 11, prompting the attention of the Office of The Badman Killa to explain what had happened.

The hackers claimed that they were the legitimate owners of the page and that they were at liberty to direct its activities.

"Badman Killa is a legal entity belonging to Don Santo. The activities of Badman Killa and the Office of The Badman Killa are designed and driven by Klassik Nation and His Eminent Majesty Don Santo. The Office of The Badman Killa is a movement, where every person: male or female is a team lead. We are all masters of our dreams and possibilities," read a statement from the Office of The Badman Killa. 

The Klassik Nation president and producer responded by calling the hackers "desperados in his latest single Who Is The Badman Killa featuring himself as the Badman Killa.

"Ignore rumours about whose throne this is. Can't the Badman Killa go out to pee in peace? Come on ye desperados. I am very comfortable with conflict, be it of the legal or mortal kind. My father is a mediator, a bridge maker. I am a grave maker

In the wake of brand integrity being at risk from impostors, fakers, hackers and propaganda campaigns, a leader gotta act. I didn't need a battalion to respond to this mtfkrs. This time in a Kalpop fusion of Hip-hop + Jazz + Soul + Gangster + Swahili vybe 🦁." Read the song description.

Don Santo further sang,

"Mbiu ya mgambo ikilia kuna jambo;

Ukiona zimeweza jua basi ni za Santo;

Na juu nishakupata, nami hujanipata;

Najua moyo wako unadunda kama yeah!

Crazy, genius nobody can stop me;"

Santo is never shy of controversy and his memories. He writes,

"I never shy on my memories and I

Germinate when they burry me;

Yes am god kasikutaka I couldn’t fit on you;

You don’t write like you wrote it, and you are right that you’re noisy, that’s something!

King or GOAT is simple;

You think am hot is feeble;

Sorry I broke your ego hehe."

Office of The Badman Killa was formed by President Don Santo's secretariat in 2000 to manage his campaigns and programs.

"The accounts were hacked by very dangerous criminals. The Klassik Investigation Bureau carried out a thorough investigation and the elements were smoked out. It is not in safe hands, but we are trying to recover it. The content that they are pushing is not in our core mandate. We don't do politics and are focused on good music and serving the people through empowerment. Office of the Badman Killa is about teaching the agenda of the president Don Santo not any other person," The office asserted.

As producer, Blame It On Don is renown for his passion for good music. As the Badman Killa, Don Santo is known for greatest of all time hits and philanthropy.

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