"Entrepreneurs should invest in themselves and learn digital skills" - DON SANTO

Updated: Mar 14

In a Family Media TV panel discussion which also runs live on Radio (Family Radio 316), DON SANTO said, "Entrepreneurs should invest in themselves and learn digital skills since the market is moving towards that direction..."

A show hosted by James Okumu featured Santo and Collins Mmbulika, a consultant. The panelists highlited that Passion is integral for anyone who wants to move from employment to entrepreneurship.

The Don in response to a question asked by a viewer about when to move to entrepreneurship, he said,

"Do you have an entrepreneurial idea that you absolutely need to follow and see where it goes? Or, do you hate your job and need a change?

If you answered “yes” to the second question, starting a business might not be a solution, especially if hard work, high stress, and low pay are reasons you don’t like your job. When you launch a new company, all three of these situations are inevitable. Finding work at another company could be the break you need."

The well known artist, producer and entrepreneur in his parting shot urged businesses to impact then numbers.

The JAM 316 show begins at 7 a.m (E.A.T). #KlassikNation #Jam316 #FinancialClinic

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