DON SANTO's Press Statement On DJ Evolve And Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino's Shooting Drama At B-Club

Growing up, I never saw sitting political leaders being arraigned in court for a criminal offense. But the current generation of leaders is full of ex-convicts. This should tell us something.

I was disturbed out of my den with the news that Embakasi East Member of Parliament shot DJ Elvolve while the latter was on duty. This is an unbecoming behaviour by our leaders.

We have had episodes at various clubs, not just B Club and it seems nothing can be done by the government of the day. Our various state agencies are either very timid or inept. I'll doubt they'll be brave enough to be relied on.

Every time a disaster hits, all we get are just knee-jack reactions from government authorities. I was waiting for how the National Police Service would react to Babu Owino’s gun shooting drama and boom. Today the NPS has issued a statement titled “Withdrawal of security detail for VIPs Involved in crime.” This is a joke. We have a bigger problem which raises concerns on the whole process of gun licensing in Kenya. Do we have any active policies at the moment? I doubt.

That said and done, every life, every soul, is sacred and should be respected. This is why I have always championed for the removal of death sentences from our Penal Code. I wish my friend DJ Evolve a quick recovery and to my schoolmate Paul “Babu Owino’ Ongili, embrace the gospel.

As an artist and producer, I believe DJ Evolve and his family deserves nothing short of justice and support from all Kenyans during this trying time.

May justice be our shield and defender!


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