DON SANTO did more than just mention HACHALU Hundessa on his new Kalpop Reggae album, African Lion deluxe edition. He also dedicated the LP to the late Ethiopian singer, songwriter and political activist.

Physical copies of the Badman Killa's new LP feature liner notes with additional information. On Wednesday (July. 1), images of the CDs started surfacing online that signify the album is dedicated to Kobe Bryant.

"Being Saba Saba Day, first of all I want to remember Hachalu Hundessa from Ethiopia. He was a very phenomenal musician. A great artist from Ethiopia. He sang songs that touched people but someone was not happy, so he was eliminated." Said Santo is a video royal statement.

"Today, I'm also in support of Saba Saba March of Our lives. Where the key theme being, 'Tekeleza Katiba.' The constitution has to be implemented. Since 2010 until now we are operating in sideshows now we want to change it again... Changing... is not a problem but when you're given that opportunity, let's do it for the people. But currently it seems like nobody cares. Tekeleza Katiba!" The Don continued.

"Lastly, so African Lion deluxe edition is a dedication to everyone who is standing up for the rights and welfare of the people. Bravo and may you live long!" He said.

The Don of dons dedicated his latest album "African Lion deluxe edition" to Hachalu Hundessa who passed away 😭😭🙏#RIPHACHALUHUNDESSA"

Santo has faced criticism over the new album including blow back over a exortic lyrics in FANTASMAGORIKOL (PHANTASMAGORICAL). He has since responded to the critiques with a statement.

He continued, "So you see, African Lion in this instance is always literal. I am the jungle. These bars are only meant for the fastest of bullets in the gun. For the victims of this album, may you rest peacefully. For the rest of you, please listen more closely next time. Goodnight! With deepest sympathy, DON SANTO."

He finalised by saying, "Remember, The JahWad is supreme!"

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