Don Santo: Age cannot be used to determine good leaders

Renown Kenyan entrepreneur, content producer and musician Don Santo has said that age cannot be used a factor to determine good leaders.

Santo, while engaging his followers on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday, said Kenyans have been fooled or hoodwinked to believe some candidates for political leadership are too old for representation.

The topic came after one Liz Wanjiku King'ori posed the question to him on where the younger generation was in Santo's post.

“Where is the young generation?,” wrote Wanjiku.

Santo replied by saying;

“You have had a digital government for 8 years now. How has been the ride with younger generation?"

"We can agree that age cannot be used as a factor to determine leadership but integrity and merit are..” The Don continued.

According to the Badman Killa,

"President Donald Trump, 74 is seeking re-election pitting him against Joe Biden 77. In Kenya, some inept politicians who have looted our coffers dry want us to believe Raila Odinga, 74 is too old for leadership. Wake up folks! This is a divide and rule tactic. #DonSantoNotes"

Don Santo is also a leadership and business development consultant based in Nairobi Kenya.


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