David Ndii: I will relocate abroad if Ruto becomes president of Kenya

Renown NASA strategist and economist Dr. David Ndii has vowed to leave Kenya if Deputy President William Ruto wins the 2022 presidential elections.

Ndii, while engaging his followers on Twitter on Tuesday, said he is working on a strategy to relocate abroad just in case Ruto wins.

The topic came after one TJ Koros posed the question to him on what he will do if Ruto becomes president.

“Some of you would be forced by shame to run away if Ruto becomes the President,” wrote Koros.

Ndii replied by saying; “I am making plans just in case. I have no intention of living in a country governed by (unprintables).”

According to Ndii, the handshake was between dynasties out to correct wrongs done by their fathers.

Ruto was on the boundary of it all, he argued.

“The #handshake IS about dynasties. @UKenyatta and @RailaOdinga have taken personal responsibility for and committed to correct, the sins of their fathers. The hustler is flogging a dead horse.”

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