Black man single-handedly beats up two white cops for pushing his wife down

At the Beginning of this very month, there were rumours and news about the death of an African American man, George Floyd, who was brutally killed by some white cops who tried to take him in to custody.

Millions and tons of activists all over the world joined Americans in protesting against the ungodly death of the weak black American who was killed as a result police brutality on a targeted race.

That news alone has sparked outrage all over different people started posting their own encounters in the racial injustice of a thing.

Another rather exciting video was posted on an Instagram page where we saw the direct opposite of what we usually see in those videos. In this Video, a man was seen brutally beating up two police man single handedly for assaulting his wife.

The man has been videod beating up these two officers who are allegedly licensed under the court of Belgium after they violently pushed his beloved wife to the Floor over a simple argument that ensued between them.

See video below.

Watch the video below

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