After conning an American woman Runtown tries to steal 'Badman Killa' identity from DON SANTO

The aggrieved lady took to social media to share proof of money she transferred to two different companies believed to be owned by the singer and his brother.

She claimed that the money was meant to be paid back after Runtown’s show in Canada, however all she’s been getting are stories.

“I wrote him two cheques in two companies name, $32,000 and $107,000, after he got the checks and cashed he started saying stories, later on he started saying they would pay after Runtown’s show in Canada, I and my fiancée couldn’t have it because, we never invested on anyone’s music.

“I even had to come down to Kenya just to be certain my fiance wasn’t involved, and even arrested the Alex, and after investigations and all we found out it was jack, his brother and wife trying to play a fast one on us, his wife claimed they had the money returned to me, which I also have the record of,” she posted.

This was two years ago. Last year, Runtown was caught red-handed trying to steal the Badman Killa identity from Africa's leading producer and artist, DON SANTO. Runtown released a song titled "International Badman Killa" a title that only refers to His Eminent Majesty DON SANTO.

Reaching Santo for comment, he said, "..Runtown is a thief and a bad one for that matter. He is always caught (chuckles) and he lacks originality. Apart from copying my own flows, this young man went ahead to dare call himself me. He is just an impostor and we all know what happens to fakes. His career is over! Let him enjoy the few years left because he is dead and buried." DON SANTO said. "I know he is doing this, conning and defrauding people around the world, not only to chase clout but a deeper look shows he a drowning man looking for anything to hold on to. I don't and will not engage with such low-lives." continued DON SANTO.

DON SANTO, the president of Klassik Nation, recently released AFRICAN LION album (EP and Deluxe edition), a Kalpop Reggae album produced by Klassik Nation. A true definition of the Badman Killa. Santo, a Kenyan born entrepreneur and producers is the continent's only artist with musical skills that can be written on the same page with Bob Marley, Lucky Dube,, Michael Jackson, only to name but a few.

African Lion Deluxe Edition drops on Saba Saba Day (KLASSIK NATION EXCLUSIVE)


A number of people including his own management have accused Runtown on fraud related charges.

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