African Lion Deluxe Edition drops on Saba Saba Day (KLASSIK NATION EXCLUSIVE)

Is there any connection between the Badman Killa's AFRICAN LION deluxe Album Release and the July 7th known for Saba Saba Day celebrations?

By now you should already be knowing the AFRICAN LION Kalpop Reggae vybe in town. Unless you live in remote areas where internet is a problem or you get too high until you forget. Did you know Kalpop music is even better enjoyed while you are chilling out or making love or getting wasted or most crucially and fundamentally during worship sessions?

Back to AFRICAN LION, it is described as "... a wildly imaginative, unabashedly geeky concept album about interplanetary musical warriors battling to restore humanity's Kalpop supremacy in a corporate-dominated dystopia (or something like that). Nobody can stop Kalpop! Enjoy! ~ #DonSanto"

That is the kind of sound you wanna listen to. If you can remember the arrangement of the initial AFRICAN LION EP; NIFUNDISHE (Acapella); SHY; TALK ABOUT LOVE feat. Vee The One; TEACHER OF THE YEAR; FANTASMAGORIKOL; then maintain the playlist arrangement but this time after the last song, FANTASMAGORIKOL, you begin the sound on a reverse mode but this time with a few more flavours. NIFUNDISHE (Acapella); SHY; TALK ABOUT LOVE feat. Vee The One; TEACHER OF THE YEAR; FANTASMAGORIKOL; PHANTASMAGORICAL; NAOGOPA x TALK ABOUT LOVE; SHY (Radi Edit); NIFUNDISHE;

NIFUNDISHE (Drums & voices).

"Because you deserve more!"

Gathering from what His Eminent Majesty revealed in his latest Santo Today episode, AFRICAN LION DELUXE is fire, is hot, is thunderstorm,is earthquakeness, is Kalpop Reggae.

The deluxe edition will be dropping exclusively on on July 7th on the same day Kenya will be commemorating Saba Saba Day.

DON SANTO is a renown human rights defender and the Album having written and done songs that touch on various aspects oh humanity. TEACHER OF THE YEAR, for example, is a Kalpop Reggae song that celebrates the efforts and successes of our teachers while at the same time highlighting their pleas. Santo uses music to make his case without fear or favour..

"The teachers of our land we are relying on;

For the life of our young ones;

So respect them and treat them right;

For the sake of our children, children"

The Don is also a #LegalizeIt champion. He believes there are more benefits to marijuana that the authorities are willing to admit and put it into good economic use. He said this while in an interview on Milele FM's Reggae Zone show hosted by John Voke and DJ Finnal.

Reaching Santo for comment he said

"It is a good day that the Lord has made for us to do phenomenal things, this being one of them. My duty as the Badman Killa is to do it for the people first. Kalpop Reggae is for the people and I encourage everyone to share with the hashtags #AfricanLionDeluxe #July7Th and make it trend."


Stream or Download AFRICAN LION EP:

The AFRICAN LION project was written, arranged and composed by Blame It On Don. It was performed by DON SANTO and Produced by Kingpheezle, Tonnie Tosh and Blame It On Don. These are top producers in East African and globally acknowledged for their powerful art and contribution to entertainment industry. All the songs in both the EP and the Deluxe album were played live. Guitarists were Papa Utukufu and Blame It On Don. The piano keys was Tonnie Tosh.

This is a Klassik Nation production.


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