About The Klassik Nation

Updated: Nov 19

About Klassik Nation

Klassik Nation is an entertainment agency. A division of Global Media Ltd, founded by Don Santo and Brian Kokonya in 2015. The company has offices in Nairobi. The full-service entertainment company houses a record label, talent agency, philanthropy, school, apparel, touring and concerts production company.

Our award-winning music producers make music production simple and memorable. We deliver fresh digital news, music videos and more.


Don Santo, co-founder and president of Global Media Ltd

In 2015, Klassik Nation was founded as a division of Global Media Ltd. It is headed by a Master General and a Royal Council. In 2017, Klassik Nation partnered with Africa entertainment company Spice Digital Africa. In April 2019, Klassik Nation formed a new fashion and style division, Klassik Styles, a subsidiary dedicated to manufacturing designer clothes and wears. Shortly thereafter, Klassik Styles hoodies department with Kalpop hoodies being their first designer line.

On April 13, 2020, Klassik Nation announced that on April 13th of every year is World Klassik Day. During the live-streamed event, Klassik Nation opened the Klassik Nation Music Training Center in Umoja estate, Nairobi Kenya. This was to cater to Nairobi's Eastlands area where the Don was raised as a teenager to adulthood. The center also serves artists from across East Africa since it is equipped with accommodation facilities for those who travel from far or have to train or record at night.

In the year of 20 May, it was reported that Don Santo worked out a music deal for Kingpheezle to be distributed through Klassik Nation.

In August 2020, Klassik Nation signed a 4-year distribution and promotion deal with Songbad Music.

Since its founding in 2015, Klassik Nation has grown into the world’s preeminent entertainment company. We work in every aspect of modern entertainment—with recording artists and producers, songwriters, and more. Our client list includes some of the world’s most recognizable names: from Don Santo and Badman Killer to Blessed Paul and Kingpheezle. We are a full-service organization, supporting our diverse roster of talent via artist management, music publishing, touring, production, strategic brand development and beyond. We have also introduced a new genre of music to the world called Kalpop.

Klassik Nation is happy to announce that our customers and members of the Klassik Tribe can now earn points while they shop and by using Klassik platforms and, then redeem them toward purchases on KlassikNation.com and more. You can Sign up for free to start earning tribbles for the things you do every day. "We value our guests, friends, clients, fans, and loyal Klassikans. this is why we have rolled out this loyalty program dubbed Klassik Tribbles. Get rewarded every time you do business with us." Group's president Don CM Wanzala said.

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Type: Private

Industry: Entertainment

Founded: 2015; 5 years ago

Founder: Don Santo

Headquarters: Nairobi City, Kenya

Contacts: +254 7777 888 04

Website: KlassikNation.com

Music genre:

  • Kalpop

  • Kalpop Reggae

  • Kalpop Country

  • Kalpop Gangsta

  • Kalpop Rock

  • Hip-Hop

  • R&B

  • Gengetone

  • Dancehall

Area served:

  • Kenya

  • Uganda

  • Tanzania

  • Rwanda

Key people:

  • Don CM Wanzala (Group's President)

  • Elly-Brian Kokonya (Group's Vice President, strategy)

  • Ben Gumo (Master General, Klassik Nation)

  • Paul Nzioki Mulwa (Master General, Klassik Tribe & Member Klassik Royal Council)

  • Blame It On Don ( Executive producer)

  • Nathaniel Kimbio (Member Klassik Royal Council)


  • Management

  • Music publishing

  • Sports

  • Philanthropy

  • Record Label

  • Production


  • Klassik 'Digital Forces' Army

  • Klassik Sounds

  • KlassikNation.com (music platform)

  • Klassik Styles

  • Klassik Pictures

  • Klassik Tribe

  • Klassik Media


  • Blame It On Don

  • Kingpheezle

  • Jilly Beatz

Is a full-service management, music publishing &entertainment company.
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