1304 Day | Kalpop pops out!

The biggest album launch is set to drop on the 13th of April {1304 DAY} featuring the greatest artists in the world. Dubbed African Lion, it contains songs that highlight social misfits while promoting social justice worldwide.

The album contains all genres ranging from Kalpop Reggae to Kalpop Zouk produced by the best international Record Label based in Nairobi. The producers include Blame it on don, Kingpheezle and Tonny Tosh from the Klassik Nation.

Klassik Nation the leading production house that has embarked on a series of activities this year has now seen the best quality of production exhibited in the world’s entertainment scene.

The lead artist Don Santo the Badman Killa is also set to perform on this day. During the album launch day, also known as the international Klassik Day will also usher in the klassik Nation Music Training Center.

The production house has also created a niche in the public relation field by offering training to artists on how best to sell themselves on the entertainment world.

So far 570 artists have received training and are now equipped with the relevant information on how best to present themselves to relevant entertainment sectors worldwide.

Record labels have also partnered with Klassik Nation to help beef up their staff capability to handle their clientele in their respective labels. Building capacity that has so far been a major additive to their services and has now kept them afloat above their competitors.

BenPriest Gumo

Master General, Klassik Nation

Is a full-service management, music publishing &entertainment company.
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