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Don Chrisantos Michael Wanzala (born April 13), popularly known as Don Santo (stylized as DON SANTO) the Badman Killa, is a Kenyan singer, rapper, songwriter, author, content producer, and, entrepreneur. He is a Nairobi based consultant on Leadership and Business in the Digital Era. Santo is also the leader of the Klassik Nation, chairman, and president of Global Media Group.


Considered one of the greatest entertainers of all time, he is regarded as one of the world's most significant cultural icons and has been a global figure in popular culture for over a decade.

Born and raised in Busia, DON SANTO started singing at an age of 4 in church and family functions. He first began his musical career in 2010 doing his first single "She'z On Fire" with Grandpa Records and subsequently released his debut studio album Alpha in 2012. The album was released to widespread critical success and solidified his standing in the music industry. He has gone onto release three additional albums, which have all attained generally positive critical reception and universal commercial success, with Milele (2014) and Am BLACK (2019) albums later being heralded as modern musical classics. Both Alpha and Am BLACK had collaborative single with Jilly Baby (She’z On Fire 2012 and Juju 2017), Feel Jah Osman (Please Forgive Me 2013) and Kingpheezle (AYI 2018).

Outside of his musical career, the Badman Killa has also attained significant success and media attention for his career as a businessman. In 2010 he founded Global Media Klassik Corp. In 2013 the corporation initiated a program where they, through their content division, nurture and promote young talents in the society. This is well received and both Klassik Nationand Global Media Ltd are now international brands.


The Klassik Nation whose objectives are:

  • To identify and nurture talent(s) amongst the people

  • To empower the youths by promoting self-sustenance through arts and innovation.

  • To promote teamwork and co-existence in the universe through arts and culture.


DON SANTO is among the most critically acclaimed musicians and one of the best-selling Kenyan music artists of all time. In 2015 he has won a total of 3 East Africa Music Awards, the most by a musician.

Early life

DON SANTO was born in Nambale, Busia and was raised in Kisumu where he lived with his family through his early school life at Ogango Primary School. He was appointed the School’s ‘spiritual leader’ between 1995 – 2000. He then attended St. Teresa’s High School, Kabula where he went on to become a student leader and the Chairman of the Christian Union, Debating Club, Music Club, Computer and Inventions Club and founded the Journalism Club. He went to the Technical University of Kenya and later at the University of South Africa. According to his interviews and lyrics, during this period he sold marijuana and pornographic material and was shot thirteen times but missed the bullet. This led him to turn to a God-fearing way of life. He served as an ordained evangelist in the Anglican Church of Kenya and acting Chaplain for Mabunge Secondary and Primary Schools.

According to his mother, Chris used to wake up his siblings at night banging out drum patterns on the kitchen table. He once created a homemade guitar at the age of 9 which proved music was a calling for him. He began community service and writing lyrics that gave an alternative approach to modern-day challenges that earned him the title Don in the Kenyan community. It later became the name given to the President of The Klassik Nation with His Eminent Majesty as his Title.

Business career

Don CM Wanzala is an entrepreneur and is now once again the the most progressive entrepreneur of all time!. It’s all because of his genius creation, Klassik. But not many people actually know the whole story behind DON SANTO and how he built up Global Media Klassik Corp to the success it is today.


Santo is always hesistant to speak about his business career promising to release it in a book. The Biography or autobigraphy will cover it all and is a great read if you want to learn more about Don CM Wanzala's story and his amazing success and his passion for people.

Music career

Known as the ''King of Kalpop, The DON of dons, Badman Killa, The Black Monster,'' DON SANTO started singing at an age of 4 in church and family functions. He went professional in January 2010 doing his first single "She'z On Fire" with Grandpa Records. This is a versatile artist with love for the game.

The genius of DON SANTO rests in his willingness to break from traditional formula and constantly push the envelope. He flips the method of the moment with undeniable swagger and bold African sensibility.

H.E.M DON SANTO had written many songs for various artists and done backups for many other recording artists before venturing fully into the music career in the year 2010. He has also been performing in various functions among them weddings, funerals, festivals and many other corporate functions.

As a songwriter, Santo revisits simple, but profound aspects of the human experience – love, lust, desire, joy and pain that define classical art and drama. He applies his concept to rich, full vocals that exude his intended effect.

It is this uncanny ability to compose classics and deliver electrifying live performances that define everything that is essential DON SANTO.

Among others, Michael Jackson, R-Kelly, Shaggy, Don Williams, Lokua Kanza & Joseph Hill have all inspired this musician and influenced who he is.

In 2010; he decided to venture into professional music in styles he knows and understands best: Kalpop Music.

In 2015, DON SANTO won the East Africa Music Awards in the Artist of the year Category while his song "Sina Makosa" won the Song of The year.


Santo is also a vocal proponent of #LegalizeIt movement. During one of his "African Lion Media Tour" at Milele FM, The Don wondered why they you make legal cigarettes which are known to cause cancer and even tax it while a natural herb which causes no harm has resulted into police brutality and government interference at the expense of fighting the real crimes.

One of Kenya's top rappers, Reggie Tall described Santo as Greatest of all time, god and a genius.

With all the musical experience, DON SANTO will leave an imprint on your heart from a musician who is pure talent and an amazing performer. He is second to none.

Musical style

He believes in the power of music and its ability to heal and unite the world in a magical way. Kalpop music brings together all the world’s cultures into harmony with one another through fusion.


For example this is how he describes one of his latest albums ‘Am BLACK

“Imagine Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Franco & John Lennon meet R. Kelly at the gates of heaven: Call it KALPOP MUSIC.”


He describes 'AFRICAN LION' as "...a wildly imaginative, unabashedly geeky concept album about interplanetary musical warriors battling to restore humanity's Kalpop supremacy in a corporate-dominated dystopia (or something like that). Nobody can stop Kalpop! Enjoy!"


One of Kenya's top producers Kingpheezle acknowledged the Badman Killa as a great writer. He even asked him to write a song for him. A request the Don was excited to accept.


DON SANTO has two daughters; Jasmine Laisha Amina Wanzala (Jasmine LAW) and Dahlia Nawate Wanzala.

Is a full-service management, music publishing &entertainment company.
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