Blame it On Don

Executive producer, Klassik Nation


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Don Chrisantos Michael Wanzala "Don CM Wanzala" (born April 13), popularly known as Blame It On Don is a Kenyan songwriter, arranger, content producer, Photo-Videographer, Creative Director, entrepreneur, and record executive. Don is an executive producer at Klassik Nation and creative Director at Global Media Ltd.


Considered one of the greatest producers of all time, he is regarded as one of the world's most significant cultural icons and has been a global figure in popular culture for over a decade.

Born and raised in Busia, Blame It On Don first began his production career in 2010 doing his first single "She'z On Fire" with Grandpa Records and subsequently released his debut studio album Alpha in 2012. The album was released to widespread critical success and solidified his standing in the music industry. He has gone onto release three additional albums, which have all attained generally positive critical reception and universal commercial success, with Milele (2014) and Am BLACK (2019) albums later being heralded as modern musical classics. Both Alpha and Am BLACK had collaborative single with Jilly Baby (She’z On Fire 2012 and Juju 2017), Feel Jah Osman (Please Forgive Me 2013) and Kingpheezle (AYI 2018).

Business career

Don CM Wanzala is an entrepreneur and is now once again the the most progressive entrepreneur of all time!. It’s all because of his genius creation, Klassik. But not many people actually know the whole story behind DON SANTO and how he built up Global Media Klassik Corp to the success it is today.


Santo is always hesistant to speak about his business career promising to release it in a book. The Biography or autobigraphy will cover it all and is a great read if you want to learn more about Don CM Wanzala's story and his amazing success and his passion for people.

The genius of Blame It On Don rests in his willingness to break from traditional formula and constantly push the envelope. He flips the method of the moment with undeniable swagger and bold African sensibility.

As a songwriter, Santo revisits simple, but profound aspects of the human experience – love, lust, desire, joy and pain that define classical art and drama. He applies his concept to rich, full vocals that exude his intended effect.

It is this uncanny ability to compose classics and deliver electrifying live performances that define everything that is essential Blame It On Don.

Among others, Dr. Dre, Tedd Josiah, and Don Jazzy have all inspired this producer and influenced who he is.

He has produced many artistes among them Don Santo, Blessed Paul, O Double, Abass Kubbaff, Mutuku Sol, Speciozah, Fufu, Cash B, Jay Nuclear, among others.


Mobile: +254 7777 888 04



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